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Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs

About Canine cancer remains one of the most prominent causes of deaths in dogs. Cancer has become incredibly common, particularly in older dogs. In fact, an estimated 50 percent of dogs over 10 years of age develop some form of cancer at some point. This high rate is an effect of providing dogs with better care, prolonging their lives to a point where they can more easily succumb to cancer. One of the most predominant forms of canine cancer is hemangiosarcoma. Read on to learn more about hemangiosarcoma, some signs and symptoms to look out for, and effective treatment...

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Panosteitis In Dogs

Does your large breed dog suffer from lameness in bones? Then it might be Panosteitis. So we have an article on this disease. Panosteitis in Dogs article has all the information about this disease. It covers topics such as symptoms, treatment, diet, radiographs, home remedy, etc. What Is Panosteitis? “Panosteitis is sometimes called growing pains.” Panosteitis is a painful inflammation of the outer surface or shaft of one or more long bones of the legs. It is sometimes called “growing pains.” Panosteitis may occur in more than one bone at a time or may move around from area to...

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Chihuahua Collapsed Trachea

Collapsed trachea in dogs is one of the major problems in the small breed dogs. Breeds like Chihuahua are more prone to this disease. The article Chihuahua collapsed trachea covers in information about topics like Home or Natural Remedies, Life Expectancy, Surgery Cost, Treatment, Symptoms. About If your chihuahua suffers from problems like Coughing, choking regularly, then it is possible that he has a problem with his trachea, also known as the trachea. There are other possible causes of a cough like this and many of these other problems are more common, so do not confirm immediately. Instead, have...

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Australian Shepherd

Owning a pet dog is a dream for most of us. If you are planning to own an active dog breed then Australian Shepherd Dog will be the best Choice. Here is an article which provides you Information, Characteristics, Facts, History, Food, Grooming, Care, Diseases, Temperament for Australian Shepherd. Important Characteristics Dog Breed Group: Herding Dogs Height: 1 foot, 6 inches to 1 foot, 11 inches tall at the shoulder Weight: 40 to 65 pounds Life Span: 12 to 15 years Watching an Australian Shepherd gather a flock of sheep is a beautiful sight. With a athletic and safe...

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A Complete Guide of Pet Scorpion

Generally we think that scorpions are venomous but only 24 out of 1500 species are dangerous to humans. In fact they are one of the best exotic pets. The article Pet scorpion stands as complete guide to own a scorpion. We have covered information about Scorpion lifespan, Scorpion Diet, Scorpion tank, Types of scorpions, Handling and Scorpion bite treatments. Scorpions There are about 1,500 different species of scorpions present in the world. They can live in different types of habitats like grasslands, deserts, forests, tropical forests etc., Most prefer warmer subtropical or tropical climates. They attack a wide variety of insects...

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